Deeper Network is a blockchain-powered all-in-one solution that provides true Internet freedom with enhanced security. Combining security, sharing, and blockchain, Deeper creates a new concept called SSS (Secure Shared Service) that enables open and secure Internet access and equal participation in mining.
Deeper Connect, the next generation intelligent network device, embeds our innovative network operating system AtomOS to protect your home network. The key security features of Deeper Connect include:
—— Malicious Website Filtering ——
—— Application Identification ——
—— Internet Traffic Shaping ——
—— Parent Control ——
Deeper proposes an innovative consensus algorithm called PoC (Proof of Credit) that emulates the prestigious credit system in our daily life. PoC guarantees every participant shares equal chance to earn benefits from deeper network as long as they keep contributing to our network and accumulating credits.
Deeper Connect connects to each other to form a global platform that enables sharing of network resources, which is secured by smart contracts on blockchain.
Enhance Internet Security at Home
Deeper Connect, a next generation intelligent device, adds a secure gateway between your home and the external Internet, which can protect all your home devices such as PCs, smart phones, security cameras, and tons of IoT devices from online threats.

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