Consensus Lab Announces Strategic Investment in Deeper Network


Consensus Lab has announced a strategic investment in Deeper Network, a network security company based in Silicon Valley, USA. Both parties have agreed upon a deep strategic partnership.

Consensus Lab has been deepened its layout in the blockchain industry having invested in more than 70 outstanding blockchain companies. Its investments focus on technology-based platforms, infrastructure and blockchain related projects with international capabilities.

Deeper Network is a start-up company integrated by top-level network security and distributed systems experts based in Silicon Valley. The company’s core technical staff proceed from Google, Palo alto Networks, VMware and other top-notch technology companies.

Unlike most blockchain projects that focus on network platforms, Deeper Network adheres to an application-oriented business philosophy. Deeper Network uses blockchain technology to solve the privacy and censorship issues of current worldwide Internet users.

The company’s network security hardware product, Deeper Connect, has been developed over two years. This device is a new world technological species that combines a network security technology, a network sharing economy and blockchain technology.

The design concept of Deeper Connect is plug-and-play with zero-configuration. The installation process is simple. Users only need to plug the network cable into Deeper Connect to have access to free, secure and private Internet.

At the same time, users can gain a steady stream of revenue by sharing cybersecurity intelligence, bandwidth resources, and by participating in the e-chain mining. Deeper Network’s vision is to deploy a Deeper Connect device at every home to create the world’s largest secure, shared and consensus network. At the core of this vision there is an intention to build a founding platform acting as the highway for the next generation of trusted and fully private Internet.

After testing Deeper Network’s working product, Consensus Lab was immediately attracted by the powerful features and excellent performance of the device and highly praise Deeper Connect’s business philosophy from application to platform. It was after this first contact with Deeper Network working product that Consensus Lab decided to invest in Deeper Network and reach a strategic partnership with the start-up company.

The Deeper Network’s fourth-generation Deeper Connect Mini has been developed and will be available in early October 2019.